January 24, 1938 to November 3, 2016

Petr Sušanka, PhD, was born in the city of Karlovy Vary in Czechoslovakia on January 24, 1938 and passed away on November 3, 2016 in Valec in the Czech Republic. He was the only son of Frantisek and Gertruda Sušanka. Petr had a remarkable career as an athlete, scientist, writer, teacher and administrator. He did his graduate work and received his PhD from Charles University in Prague, where he worked as Professor of Biomechanics. 

Dr. Petr Sušanka became a pioneer and expert in biomechanical 3D motion analysis of elite athlete performances. He was an active member of the first International Society of Biomechanics of Sports (ISBS) elite athlete research teams, starting with events like the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, World Athletic Championships and others.  Petr gave scientific papers at ISBS meetings, “bridging the gap” between the latest in biomechanics and the practical coach. He was one of the original members of ISBS, served on the Board of Directors and was a Vice President.  

At a great financial expense to himself, Petr Sušanka hosted the VIII., ISBS Symposium in Prague, Czechoslovakia (July 3-10, 1990). Petr made the VIII., ISBS in Prague a monumental success in spite of extreme difficulties caused by the disintegration of the Russian totalitarian dictatorship and occupation of  Czechoslovakia (1948-1990).

 As the Czech Republic gained its freedom from Russia, Petr gave more and more of his energy and time to rehabilitate the Czech Republic, a country devastated by years of communist neglect and abuse. He formed “Conex”, “Consporty,”, “Coninform” and the “National Institute of Education”, which became successful entities for social, scientific and educational improvements in his native country.

With great enthusiasm, Dr. Petr Susanka started major projects to save and rebuild the many baroque monuments in towns and churches in the Czech Republic that had been neglected and abused during the communist occupation. For his restoration projects he went for financial help to the Ministry of Culture, private business and citizens in the Czech Republic and Germany. Petr’s enthusiasm spread and all baroque monuments have been restored.

Petr moved to the town of Valec to comfort and help his disabled mother, Gertruda, while he continued his professional and community work. He was loved in the community and elected the Mayor of Valec several times.

After his mayor years Petr Susanka took on even broader projects for the purpose of promoting standards in rural Czech areas, to equalize the opportunities for youth to the level of cities. His MAS action group expanded and Petr was electd Chairman of all the Czech Republic action groups. The European Union recognizer his work and projects with financial EU subsidies and honors.  

Above all, Petr Susanka was a humor loving kind man you could count on and trust. As he goes to the other side of the sun, he leaves behind what in his life is his treasure, his two daughter, Katerina and Petra with five grand children.  

The Vice President for Publications and Board of Directors has opened a call to host the Archives for the Proceedings of ISBS conferences. The deadline for this call is January 31st 2017.

The proposals received by the VP of Publications will be formally evaluated by the members of the Executive Committee, with a report and recommendation provided to the Board of Directors. In the event of two or more proposals being received by the VP of Publications, all proposals that meet the essential criteria will be circulated electronically to all Board Directors. The final selection of the archive host will occur by a voting process that, in the case of only one proposal received, will be a vote on whether to endorse the recommendations of the Executive Committee, or in the case of more than one proposal, a vote to select the archive host.

In the event that no proposals are received, the VP of Publications will make a second call for submissions on February 1st. The deadline for the second call will be March 31st.

Interested members should send their proposal as an attachment by electronic mail to ISBS Vice President of Publications Sarah Clarke (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Proposal Evaluation

The selection process is based on an evaluation of a written proposal to host the proceedings archive. The evaluation and voting on the proposals is based on the consideration regarding the following essential and desirable criteria:

Integrity of the evaluation and selection process

To maintain integrity in the evaluation and selection process, members of the ISBS Executive and Board of Directors are not permitted to accept gifts or any methods of procurement in the archive bidding process. If a bidder is revealed to breach this condition, via strong evidence provided to the President, then the bid will be removed from consideration for that year.


If you have any questions on this call, please contact VP Publications This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Kind Regards,


Sarah Clarke

ISBS Vice President (Publications)


Dear friends, colleagues, biomechanists,

On behalf of the organizing committee I am happy to send out this

for the of the 35th International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports.

The conference will be held at the German Sport University Cologne June 14th – 18th 2017 (www.isbs2017.org). It will cover all aspects from basic to applied science.

Key Dates:

Symposium open 1st December 2016
Deadline Submission 29th January 2017
Revised paper submission 19th March 2017
Registration Open 17th March 2017
Notifcation to authors 3rd April 2017
End early bird registration 17th April 2017
End Registration 1st May 2017


Musculo-skeletal loading in sports and physical activity
Teaching and coaching of and with biomechanics
Relationship of load and adaptation
Biomechanics of injury and overload prevention
Improving the performance capacity of the musculo-skeletal system
Management of musculo-skeletal loading
Biomechanics of adapted and paralympic sports
Sports and sports medical technology
Enhancement of human performance
Sports technology and sports equipment
Modelling and Computer Simulation
Strength, Conditioning and Training
Muscle & Tissue Mechanics
Neuromuscular Biomechanics


We are looking forward welcoming you in Cologne

N 11.30.16 2

Wolfgang Potthast

Host ISBS Conference 2017

1st call for hosting the 38th Conferences (2022) of the

International Society of Biomechanics in Sports

If you are interested in hosting this conference, the 1st call is now open to:

…interested ISBS members from the preferred region North/South America.

…application deadline: 30th of April, 2019.

Preparation of bid:

In case of your interest in hosting the 38th ISBS conference 2022, please prepare your bid according to the VP Manual of Conferences. This document contains all relevant information to prepare and organize the ISBS Conference. The financial goal of the host should be to neither make a profit nor incur a financial loss.

Submission of bid:

Submit the electronic file of the application to the VP of Conferences and Meetings (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by the 30th of April, 2019.

2nd call for hosting the 38th Conferences (2022) of the

International Society of Biomechanics in Sports

If no proposals are received from the preferred region (1st call), a 2nd call for hosting will be made on the 1st of May 2019, opening the invitation to all global regions. The deadline for submission will then be 1st of June 2019.

For further information please contact the VP of Conferences Gerda Strutzenberger, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



Gerda Strutzenberger

ISBS Vice President (Conferences and Meetings)


The conference abstracts for the 2016 ISBS Conference, held in Tsukuba, Japan can now be accessed on our proceedings archive.

Kind Regards,


Sarah Clarke

ISBS Vice President (Publications)