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15th January 2019

Dear colleagues of the Société de Biomécanique,

Happy new year to all ! The entire board of the Société de Biomécanique wish you an excellent year of 2019. We hope it will provide tremendous opportunity to create even more scientific connections between us.

  • Membership fee 2019. In 2019, the contribution at the Société de Biomécanique evolves. It is no longer related to your annual conference registration. To maintain your membership status, please visit the dedicated website to obtain more information and download the form here. Of course, every member will benefit for reduced fees at the annual congress of the Société de Biomécanique in Poitiers, France.
  • Twitter. Already 400 subscribers!!! Do not hesitate to create your professional account and get fast access to the latest news of the Société de Biomécanique: @SBiomecanique.
  • REMINDER : a young researcher on the board of directors. The board of directors of the Société de Biomécanique proposes to a young investigator to join us for a better representation of the younger generation. To apply, please send your CV and covering letter before January the 31th. More information is available here.
  • Partnership with ISBS. The governing council of the Société de Biomécanique is pleased to announce a new partnership with the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS). It aims at promoting cross-scientific understanding and collaborations. The members of the Société de Biomécanique will be able to register at the annual ISBS conference with reduced fees and vice-versa. Next ISBS conference will be held in Oxford, Ohio, USA, from 21th to 25th of July 2019. The deadline for submission is February 1st, 2019 (
  • You shall apply! Furthermore, to facilitate student’s participation at the annual conference of the Société de Biomécanique, mobility grants are available. Please, find detailed information here. Lastly, do not forget, the research collaboration grant to develop new scientific topics with your academic partners.
  • Do not hesitate to provide any useful information at the Société de Biomécanique. Please contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and visit steadily our website.
  • And especially, do not forget our annual conference in Poitiers, France from 28th to 30th of October. All the information are available on the dedicated website.

Partners of the Société de Biomécanique :




Dear Friends in the International Society of Biomechanics In Sports,

We are thrilled to announce the fourth National Biomechanics Day on April 10, 2019. With your participation NBD 2019 will introduce Biomechanics to an incredible number of high school students around the world. Please see the attached announcement about registering for NBD 2019 or please go directly HERE to register. Of course, you can hold your NBD event on any Spring or Summer day if April 10 does not work for you.

NBD has grown each year because of your enthusiastic participation. We now have the potential to revolutionize the impact of Biomechanics on society by showing our science in this synchronized, celebratory manner to thousands and thousands of young people. Please help us grow Biomechanics through our unique, worldwide and fun Biomechanics extravaganza. Through our unified outreach, we will make Biomechanics the 21st century’s Breakthrough Science.

Sincerely and with great enthusiasm,


PS for your enjoyment, please see these videos from NBD 2018 events at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab HERE and Rush University Medical Center HERE


Paul DeVita, Ph.D.
Director, Biomechanics Laboratory and 
Leroy T. Walker Distinguished Professor of Kinesiology
East Carolina University
Past-President, American Society of Biomechanics
Phone: 252 – 737 - 4563

National Biomechanics Day Website: Here

“Why National Biomechanics Day”: Here



The current ISBS Newsletter 34 (2), Autumn/Fall 2018, is now published.

pdfVolume 34, No.2 (Dec 2018)



In this Issue:

  • Message from the President,
  • ISBS 2018 Post Conference Report,
  • ISBS 2018 Award and Grant Recipients,
  • ISBS Student Mentor Programme 2018 report,
  • Call for ISBS Research Grants 2019,
  • Student Voices from ISBS 2018,
  • Call for hosting future ISBS Conferences,
  • ISBS Featured Sponsor: Kistler,
  • ISBS Sponsors,
  • ISBS Officers,
  • ISBS Directors


Please click here for all past issues and feel free to forward the newsletter to anyone interested in sports biomechanics.

Kind Regards,


Sarah Breen

ISBS Vice President (Publications)


California State University, Chico

College of Communication and Education

Assistant Professor in Kinesiology

Exercise Science

For more information and to view the full job description,

please visit our website at:

or contact

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any further questions  

CSU, Chico only employs individuals lawfully authorized to work in the US.

EOE/AA/ADA employer.

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International Society of Biomechanics in Sports:

Call for Appointed Student Representative on the Board of Directors


The International Society for Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS) and its annual conference has traditionally been a popular learned society for student biomechanists. ISBS has a high student membership which engages with the society in terms of conference attendance (on average, approximately 31% of attendees are student members, many of whom will present) and participating in the student incentives.


The student representative (SR) represents the student members of ISBS on the board of directors (BOD), and is expected to engage with the activities expected of all other members of the Board, namely attendance at the pre- and post-conference Board meeting at the annual conference and other communications throughout the year with BOD and Executive members.  They will liaise with a student representative from the host institution (nominated by the Chair of the Organising Committee) in relation to the arrangement of student-specific activities at the annual conference.  The SR may engage with any other activities they feel may enhance the student experience and engagement with the society, and encourage student members to remain part of ISBS as full members. As per the current constitution, the SR does not have voting rights, but should present the opinion of the student body in discussions prior to any votes being taken by the remaining Board members. It is expected that the SR has a good understanding of ISBS and its ethos and goals, and will represent the views of the student membership while maintaining this vision.


  1. Student member of ISBS in good standing at time of appointment
  2. More than 12 months into graduate study – there is no restriction on penultimate year students expressing interest in the position as the role can overlap with the first year post-terminal degree.
  3. The priority for selection of a candidate is finding a suitable, interested, motivated individual who will be a good, fair ambassador for the student members of the society. Rotation of the geographical location of the candidate is strongly recommended.

Procedure for selection:

As per the ISBS constitution, student members currently cannot hold an elected office.  The SR is hence appointed by the President of ISBS and a committee of at least two other members of the Society in good standing.  Interested candidates will be expected to submit a 200 word short bio by email to Gillian Weir (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by August 31st 2018 which should include their background and interests, why they would be a suitable student representative, their understanding of the ISBS ethos and what they would like to achieve in their term.  Candidates will be expected to be in attendance at this year’s annual conference in Auckland (unless prior notice is given to the committee) to allow the President and committee to meet them during the conference, and to attend the post-conference meeting.

The term of appointment is two years (2018-2020).  The President will announce the appointment of the SR at the society’s AGM.  Members may only serve one term as SR, and this time does not count towards the 10 year term limit applied to elected full members of the BOD.