Greetings fellow ISBS members,

The 2016 ISBS election is now closed and the ballots have been tallied. There were 160 ballots completed from 317 eligible members. Results are below with the successful candidates in Bold/Italics:


Young-Hoo Kwon 91

Jacqueline Alderson 69

Board of Directors

Patria Hume 111

Wen-Tzu Tang 103

Neil Bezodis 100

Floren Colloud 96

Ezio Preatoni 90

Hiroyuki Nunome 82

Peter Sinclair 81

Joanna Scurr 72

Pedro Morouço 67

Marcus Lee 66

KONG Pui Wah (Veni) 59

Sam Allen 56

SK Park 56

Yuadong Gu 48

Alex Ong 40

Brock Laschowski 37

Congratulations to the successful candidates and thank you to all those who stood for election.



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