Dear ISBS Colleagues,

It is with great regret that the ISBS Executive Council and ISBS 2021 conference hosts have had to make the decision that, for the second year running, our conference will not be able to take place physically onsite. We were optimistic that by moving the conference to later in the year, there may be a chance of a traditional, in person conference but unfortunately, it now seems clear that this will not be possible due to the ongoing travel restrictions around Covid-19.

By taking this decision now, we have a good amount of time to plan and prepare for a fully virtual conference to take place in September 2021. We are excited that this conference will build on the huge success of our recent mid-year symposium, which took place virtually and provided excellent opportunity for discussion of ideas around sports biomechanics as well as the opportunity to meet and speak with other members of our society.

We are hoping to be able to offer the online conference for either no or a minimal registration fee for ISBS members. Full details surrounding registration, the conference structure, scientific and social programmes and paper submission will be available soon via the conference ( and society websites.

Whilst it is a great disappointment to not be able to have our physical conference take place for the second year running, we are certain that the enthusiasm of our members and strength of our society will allow an excellent fully virtual conference to take place without the health risks and approval challenges associated with international travel. Thank you to the ISBS 2021 organizers and ISBS leadership who are working on this important virtual conference and our conference proceedings.

Best regards for health and safety,

Duane Knudson

ISBS President