ISBS 2021 Canberra, was hosted virtually as a partnership between the University of Canberra and the Australian Institute of Sport. The conference attracted 468 registered delegates, seven sponsors and over 100 abstracts. The scientific programme was held over three distinct timeslots to make it possible for the majority of time zones to see two sessions live, with all recordings uploaded to the society’s YouTube page daily. The programme offered six key note lectures, six panels/workshops as well as giving sponsors and exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their technology in standalone slots.


Program and Proceedings:

The full program can be seen here: Full_scientific_program_Final.pdf

The conference proceedings can be seen here.



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Recordings from the conference are available below:


ISBS 2021 Opening Ceremony:



Geoffrey Dyson Lecture Professor Julie Steele:



Oral Session 1:



Oral Session 2:



SIMI Industry Presentation:


Oral Session 3:



Kat Daniels Keynote:



Poster Session 1:



Oral Session 4:



Clare Minahan Keynote:



Hans Gross Emerging Research Award Lecture - Gregory Tierney:


Oral Session 5:



Poster Session 2:




Qualisys Presentation:



Oral Session 6:



Poster Session 4:



Oral Session 7:



Oral Session 8 NIA 1:



Oral Session 9:



Oral Session 10 NIA 2:



Data Science and Sports Biomechanics Panel 1:


Oral Session 11:



Poster Session 3:



Luke Kelly Keynote:



Women in Sports Biomechanics Sponsorship:


Data Science and Sports Biomechanics Panel 2:



Oral Session 12:



Conny Draper Keynote:



Oral Session 13:



Oral Session 14:



Longitudinal Data Analysis Panel:



Oral Session 15:



Applied Cycling Session:



Mother's Cafe:



PBL Teaching Workshop (Pre-Workshop Activities - Playlist):



PBL Teaching Workshop:



ISBS 2021 Awards:



ISBS 2022 Promotion: