The Student Internship Grant will provide funds to pay an intern student to assist with the research project of a full ISBS member. The purposes of the internship are: 1) to support full ISBS members (particularly early career researchers in their research activities by providing student internship support and 2) to foster the intern student’s interest in biomechanics research and provide them with an opportunity to become familiar with research techniques and collect data under the guidance of an established researcher.

Funds Available / Allowable Costs

  • The amount paid will be €250 per week for students living away from home or €150 per week for students living at home for 4-8 weeks and is administered by the Host Institution.
  • Research consumable expenses (including participant expenses) are not payable.
  • Student interns are offered one year’s free ISBS student membership.


  • Projects should be achievable in 4-8 weeks – students should be working on a specific project and details of what is intended to be achieved within the time frame required at application (not just be viewed as an extra set of hands around the lab).


Student eligibility:

  • Currently enrolled as an undergraduate or taught masters student (PhD students are not eligible as intern students).

 Supervisors must:

  • Be full-time employees of their university holding an academic position and employed on either a permanent contract or with a contract end date beyond the end of the proposed internship.
  • Guarantee lab space for the student (staff who cannot meet this requirement and PhD students cannot be lead supervisors, they can however be named as co-supervisors on a proposed project).
  • Be members of ISBS for three consecutive years.
  • Be an author of at least four ISBS papers (minimum two as first author) in the past five years.
  • Have at least three years’ experience of mentoring young researchers.
  • Submit of academic CV (maximum 4 pages) demonstrating the above essential criteria.

Application Guidelines

  • Local supervisor (who must be a full ISBS member) applies to ISBS for the grant. If successful, they are then responsible for appointing a suitable intern student either from within their university or externally.
  • Internships can start any time within 12 months following the award being made.
  • Limit of one application per institution / year.
  • 1 page cover letter: purpose of internship; why the intern is required, what they hope to achieve from the internship, how it will help to develop their research career.
  • 2-3 page CV: qualifications and skills, list of publications, work, previous experience, etc.
  • Application should include a fully timetabled, 4-8 week programme of work for intern on a sports biomechanics project: the anticipated outcomes of this project must be clearly identified.
  • Additional letters of support from applicant’s Head of Department and the proposed host.

Conditions of Funding

  • A 500 word report to the ISBS newsletter to be submitted within six months of the internship ending.
  • Submission of a full paper to an ISBS conference OR a paper to Sports Biomechanics within 12 months of completion.
  • ISBS Internship Grant to be acknowledged on any resulting publication.
  • Submit a log of activities (agreed/ signed by head of host department) completed on a weekly basis to a nominated member of the board of directors upon completion of the internship.

Review Process and Evaluation Criteria

 A review committee will be formed of good standing ISBS members. The VP for Research and Projects will be responsible for forming the review committee. The two highest ranked proposals will be funded. Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Fit of the project to the research objectives described above
  • Quality and suitability of the research project and environment
  • Suitability of the supervisor for the research area
  • How the grant will be utilised to develop the ISBS member’s research career

How to Apply

  • Applications should be submitted to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via email by 26th April. Announcement of successful applicants will be made at the annual ISBS conference and also via the ISBS website and newsletter.

Successful Grant Applications

Project Title
Associated Proceedings Paper 
2019 TBC Dr Steffi Colyer University of Bath, UK The interaction between maturation, athletic development, and injury risk TBC
2019 TBC

Dr Gerda Strutzenberger
University of Salzburg

The differences between three main prosthetic feet designs for transtibial amputees during various gait task TBC
2018 Yu Song
University of Wyoming, USA
Dr Boyi Dai
University of Wyoming, USA

The Effect of External Perturbation on Landing Biomechanics

Adrian Rodriguez Rivadulla
University of Bath
Dr Ezio Preatoni
University of Bath
Effect of different types of feedback on the learning of coordination strategies in a sport task Rodriguez Rivadulla (2018)
Stephanie Moore
Northern Michigan University
Dr Gerda Strutzenberger
University of Salzburg
Dr Sarah Breen
Northern Michigan University
Biomechanical Adaptations to an Implemented Heel Lift in Female Alpine Skiers

Moore (2018)

Moore (2019)