This grant will provide funds to support full ISBS members (1x ECR and 1 x developing researcher) to collaborate with an established ISBS member or applied organization’s lab. This grant may be utilized to travel to the ISBS member’s or applied organization’s lab. Alternatively, when the applicant is unable to travel due to family obligations or medical reasons, this grant may be utilized to fund an ISBS full member to visit the applicant’s lab. The purpose of this grant is to allow the applicant to learn new techniques, collect data, develop research skills, bridge the gap between research and practice and build collaborative sports biomechanics networks. Visits may be to a research lab or applied organization that utilizes sports biomechanics (e.g. National Governing Body or footwear/ equipment manufacturer).

Funds Available / Allowable Costs

  • Up to €2000 each (depending on cost of visit) to support travel costs and accommodation/ subsistence.
  • Full anticipated costings and details of other current financial support to be provided with application.


  • Visits are for a duration of 4-8 weeks.


Applicant Eligibility:

  • ECR less than three years post-PhD graduation (not including verified absence due to sickness, maternity, paternity). Applicants who have had a significant career interruption during their first three years after graduating with a PhD should provide evidential documentation as a part of their application that includes the dates when they were on leave. A maximum of one additional year of eligibility can be granted by the R&PC due to a significant career interruption.
  • Developing Researcher is between 3-7 years post-completion of their PhD.
  • Be a member of ISBS for three consecutive years.
  • Current member of ISBS
  • Previous ISBS Mobility Grant recipients are not eligible.

 Host Eligibility:

  •  Academic Host Must:
    • Be a full-time employees of their university.
    • Be external to the applicant’s current university/ employer and preferably, country.
    • Be a member of ISBS for minimum of five consecutive years.
    • Have authored of at least four ISBS papers (minimum two as first author) in the past five years.
    • Have at least five years’ experience of mentoring young researchers.

 Preference will be given for travel to the labs of Dyson lecturers, Life Members and Fellows of ISBS.

  • Applied Organisation Must:
    • Be an established applied organisation that benefits from sports biomechanics.
    • Be external to the applicant’s current university/ employer.
    • Have clear knowledge transfer possibility either for applicant to learn new skills or to translate applicant’s research into practice.

To broaden the number of eligible applied hosts, Applied organisations do not need to be a current ISBS member but would be expected to join if the visit is funded.

Application Guidelines

  • Researcher / ISBS member must apply, these grants are specifically for full ISBS members.
  • One application per visiting and host institution per year (one institution could both host and visit).
  • 5-6 page application
    • 1 page cover letter: purpose of visit; why the host lab, what they hope to achieve from the visit, how it will help to develop their research career.
    • 2-3 page CV: qualifications and skills, list of publications, work, previous experience, etc.
    • 2 page project proposal: costings, goals, timelines, alignment with host lab expertise, etc.
    • Additional letters of support from applicant’s Head of Department and the proposed host.
  • Applications submitted to VP R&P, who will rank proposals and decide on those to fund with help from a sub-committee for research grants (to be formed from members of the ISBS board).

Conditions of Funding

  • A short (500 word) report to the ISBS newsletter to be submitted within six months of the visit ending.
  • Submission of a full paper to ISBS conference OR a paper to Sports Biomechanics within 12 months of completion.
  • ISBS Mobility Grant to be acknowledged on any resulting publications.
  • Submit a log of weekly activities (agreed/ signed by host) to a nominated member of the ISBS board of directors upon completion of the visit.

Review Process and Evaluation Criteria

A review committee will be formed of good standing ISBS members. The VP for Research and Projects will be responsible for forming the review committee. The two highest ranked proposals will be funded. Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Fit of the project to the research objectives described above
  • Quality and suitability of the proposed visit and aims
  • Suitability of the host for the research area
  • How the grant will be utilised to develop the ISBS member’s research career

For full evaluation criteria refer to Appendix E in the VP of Research and Projects Policy Manual.

How to Apply

  • Applications should be submitted to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via email by 15th April. Announcement of successful applicants will be made at the annual ISBS conference and also via the ISBS website and newsletter.

 Successful Grant Applications

Project Title
Associated Proceedings Paper 
2019 Dr Hannah Wyatt
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
Whole-body kinematics, muscle activity and lower-limb accelerations during track turns on flat and banked curve tracks Wyatt (2021)

Gerda Strutzenberger
University of Salzburg, Austria

Developing a new Assessment of Posture, Mobility, and Balance in a Complex Environment Based on 3D Markerless Video-based Motion Capture

 Strutzenberger (2021)

Sina David
German Sport University of Cologne, Germany

Establishing a new paradigm for investigating unanticipated sidestepping manoeuvres

David (2021)
John Warmenhoven
Australian Sport Commission
Statistical methods for analysis of curves and waveforms in sports biomechanics: A comparison of contemporary approaches TBC