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The Rethink EMG Challenge (REC) is part of family of initiatives funded by the De Luca Foundation to foster innovation to understand and solve human movement issues surrounding the field of electromyography (EMG).

The purpose of REC is to encourage researchers and clinicians to think of useful and new applications combining electromyography with existing assessment tools to gain a better understanding of human movement for sports and performance assessment or to provide solutions to problems in sports injury and rehabilitation.

We are challenging you to think of new ways of combining EMG technology with current laboratory and/or clinical standards of assessment for:

  • Sport Performance
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Post-Covid Health Assessment
  • Cardiopulmonary Assessment
  • Lifestyle & Muscle Health
  • Nutrition & Muscle Health
  • Therapeutic Applications
  • & Others

Funding in the amount of $160,000/yr. is to be awarded in the 2021-2022 cycle.

For details, visit Rethink EMG Challenge


The current ISBS Newsletter 37 (1), is now published.

pdfVolume 37, No.1

 In this Issue:

  • Message from the President
  • ISBS Awards 2021
  • ISBS Student Section
  • ISBS Student Mentor Programme
  • Reports for ISBS Research Grants
  • ISBS Grants 2021
  • ISBS Initiatives
  • ISBS Conference 2021
  • ISBS Mid Year Symposium

Please click here for all past issues and feel free to forward the newsletter to anyone interested in sports biomechanics.

Kind Regards,

sarahbreen 2019

Sarah Breen

ISBS Vice President (Publications)


ISBS 2021 Canberra, was hosted virtually as a partnership between the University of Canberra and the Australian Institute of Sport. The conference attracted 468 registered delegates, seven sponsors and over 100 abstracts. The scientific programme was held over three distinct timeslots to make it possible for the majority of time zones to see two sessions live, with all recordings uploaded to the society’s YouTube page daily. The programme offered six key note lectures, six panels/workshops as well as giving sponsors and exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their technology in standalone slots.


Program and Proceedings:

The full program can be seen here: Full_scientific_program_Final.pdf

The conference proceedings can be seen here.



VIDEO SHARING: These videos have been produced for the personal use of ISBS (and ABBS) members only. Sharing of these videos is not permitted. ISBS has the right to remove and report any public sharing of these video links.

Recordings from the conference are available below:


ISBS 2021 Opening Ceremony:



Geoffrey Dyson Lecture Professor Julie Steele:



Oral Session 1:



Oral Session 2:



SIMI Industry Presentation:


Oral Session 3:



Kat Daniels Keynote:



Poster Session 1:



Oral Session 4:



Clare Minahan Keynote:



Hans Gross Emerging Research Award Lecture - Gregory Tierney:


Oral Session 5:



Poster Session 2:




Qualisys Presentation:



Oral Session 6:



Poster Session 4:



Oral Session 7:



Oral Session 8 NIA 1:



Oral Session 9:



Oral Session 10 NIA 2:



Data Science and Sports Biomechanics Panel 1:


Oral Session 11:



Poster Session 3:



Luke Kelly Keynote:



Women in Sports Biomechanics Sponsorship:


Data Science and Sports Biomechanics Panel 2:



Oral Session 12:



Conny Draper Keynote:



Oral Session 13:



Oral Session 14:



Longitudinal Data Analysis Panel:



Oral Session 15:



Applied Cycling Session:



Mother's Cafe:



PBL Teaching Workshop (Pre-Workshop Activities - Playlist):



PBL Teaching Workshop:



ISBS 2021 Awards:



ISBS 2022 Promotion:



Dear ISBS Members / ISBS 2020 Authors


Greetings ISBS Colleagues. The ISBS Board is delighted to announce several initiatives to keep sports biomechanics moving forward despite limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please review the opportunities for your virtual and live participation with ISBS in 2020 and beyond. Thank you to the ISBS officers, board members, and conference organizers for their hard work in these difficult times. Remember ISBS needs your participation to promote the field and “bridge the gap” to coaches and athletes. 

Duane Knudson

President, ISBS


June 15th: Deadline to register for ISBS 2020 student mentor program

June 30th: Deadline to update ISBS Membership for ISBS 2020 paper publication

June 30th: Deadline to upload optional video presentation of your ISBS 2020 paper

June 30th: Deadline to self-nominate for the ISBS Student Representative position


July 21st: Publication of ISBS Proceedings Volume 38

July 21st-25th: Publication of ISBS 2020 Themed Video Presentations

July 21st-24th: ISBS 2020 Online Student Mentor Program

July 21st: ISBS 2020 Online Dyson Lecture

July 22nd: ISBS 2020 Online Emerging Research Award Lecture

July 23rd-24th: ISBS 2020 Online Women in Sport Biomechanics Events

July 24th: ISBS 2020 Online AGM

July 24th: ISBS Grants and Awards Announcement by ISBS President


All papers that are accepted to the ISBS 2020 conference will be published in the ISBS Proceedings Archive. The Editorial Team for the ISBS 2020 conference are currently finalizing all paper decisions. 

If you wish to publish your paper in the ISBS Proceedings Archive (Vol 38) please review the following requirements:

  1. The paper needs to be fully accepted to the conference. If you have outstanding required edits (minor or major), please address these and revise your submission. If you have questions on your paper please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  2. The paper is required to have a first author who is an ISBS member. Please update your membership on the ISBS website. The deadline for first authors to update their membership is Tuesday June 30th 2020. If you have questions on ISBS membership please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you do not wish to publish your paper in the  ISBS Proceedings Archive (Vol 38), please “withdraw” your paper to prevent receiving reminder emails from the ISBS publications committee or ISBS 2020 Editorial Board.  


In addition to publishing the ISBS 2020 papers the ISBS publications committee will facilitate the distribution of video presentations for each published paper. These presentations are optional and are not a requirement for paper publication. The deadline for first authors to upload their video is Tuesday June 30th 2020. Authors will have two video format options; An Oral Presentation Video with a maximum time limit of 10 minutes or a Poster Presentation Video with a maximum time limit of 2 minutes. The ISBS Publications Committee will screen each video submission to review if the video is within the required time limit, presents information from a paper accepted to the ISBS Proceedings Archive (Vol 38) and does not contain any explicit content. 

Presentation videos will be distributed on the ISBS Youtube Channel and organised into playlists according to content themes. Links and details for video uploading will be announced in due course. We will also be running a one-off ISBS “People’s Choice Award” from uploaded presentations - further details will be announced in due course.  If you have questions on this initiative please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ISBS 2020 Awards:

We are pleased to announce that the majority of our Awards will continue this year despite the cancellation of the conference. The Geoffrey Dyson Award Lecture (Professor David Lloyd) and the Hans Gros Emerging Researcher Award Lecture (Dr Gillian Weir) will be presented online on Tuesday 21st July and Wednesday 22nd July, respectively (at times tbc). This year’s ISBS Fellows and Life Members will be announced online by the ISBS President, Professor Duane Knudson, on Friday 24th July (at a time tbc). Whilst there will be no New Investigator Award this year, we will be holding a one-off ISBS “People’s Choice Award” which will be open to all members who have papers in this year’s published proceedings and who upload a video presentation of their study. We are working hard on the plans for all of the above; further details, in particular for the upload of presentation videos and the People’s Choice Award, will be circulated as soon as they are confirmed.

ISBS 2020 Student Mentor Program:

The student mentor program has been a component of the annual ISBS conference since 2012 and this year will be no exception! Mentees will be matched with mentors and will meet online (at a suitable time to both members). Mentors that take part in the program come from a range of biomechanical backgrounds and are open to discussing your research, career aspirations, or sharing their experience with you. If you would like to be part of the program as either a MENTOR or MENTEE, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The registration deadline for the mentor program is Monday June 15th 2020.

ISBS 2020 Women in Sport Biomechanics Event:

Support for women in our society is increasingly important. In this first ISBS Women in Sports Biomechanics (online) event during the ISBS 2020 virtual conference, women from various stages in their careers (students, senior academics and industry) will discuss and share their journey in biomechanics. More details to follow.

ISBS 2020 Mothers Cafe:

The juggling of carer responsibilities with work has become an even larger challenge for some women, making it difficult to remain connected to our society. Whilst we can’t physically help with the daily burden, we can support each other during this lifetime event by staying connected. Join us for an informal event with other ISBS mothers during the ISBS 2020 virtual conference to discuss and share ways the society can support you. More details to follow.

ISBS 2020 Student Rep Election:

After a great term from Dr Johannes Funken (German Sports University, Cologne), we are now seeking the next ISBS student representative for the term 2020-2022. Interested candidates will be expected to submit a 3 minute video by Tuesday June 30th 2020, which should include their background and interests, why they would be a suitable student representative, their understanding of the ISBS ethos and what they would like to achieve in their term. For details on the video upload or any further request please contact Johannes Funken (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). More information about the position can be found at