Student Travel Grant

The ISBS Student Travel Grant financially supports ISBS students in attending the Annual Conference. 

Student Mini Research Grant

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to provide final year undergraduate or (post)graduate students with opportunities to undertake biomechanics research projects with established researchers in an environment that provides strong mentorship. In addition, this opportunity targets the early stage of the student's academic training to encourage the pursuit of research in biomechanics areas.

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Conditions of Funding

Student Travel Grant

Up to €500 is provided for each individual. The amount of the grant depends on the travel costs.

Applicants must:

  1. be an ISBS Student Member in good standing or New ISBS Student Member
  2. receive acceptance for least one paper for oral or poster presentation at the ISBS Conference (as lead author)
  3. participate at the ISBS Conference

Further details are provided on the current ISBS Conference web site.

Further details are provided on the current ISBS Conference web site.

Further details are provided on the current ISBS Conference web site.


Student Mini Research Grant

The maximum amount per award is €1000 for up to one year.

Applicants must be:
  1. supervised by an established researcher, who is a current ISBS member.
  2. currently enrolled in an undergraduate (Honours) or postgraduate program, at a university at the time of application
May 20th Information regarding the call for 2017 applications will be available in the Spring Newsletter The applicant the following to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:
  1. A summary of the proposed research
  2. A CV of the applicant
  3. One-page recomendation letter from the supervisor
The winner must:
  1. present their work at the upcoming ISBS conference
  2. prepare a 1- page report for the ISBS Newsletter one year after receiving the grant
  3. acknowledge the grant if publishing a journal paper.

Previous Student Mini Research Grant Winners



Research Project Title

Amount Awarded

2012 Robin Healy,
University of Limerick,Ireland
The Effects of a unilateral gluteal activation protocol on single leg drop jump performance.  €1000
2012 Terence Moriarty,
University of Limerick,
Strength, balance, and flexibility characteristics of golfers of a variety of handicaps €1000
2013 Zhengye Ding,
Shang Dong Institute of Physical Education and Sports,
Effectiveness of arch-supported functional insoles on plantar pressure distribution during race walking €1000
2014 John Warmenhoven,
University of Sydney,
A comparison of functional principal component analysis and fourier analysis of on-water rowing handle-force profiles €1000
2014 Erik Kowalski,
University of Ottawa,
Biomechanics of incline and decline running: A comparison of forefoot strike and rearfoot strike runners €1000
2014 Cuicui Wang,
Shang Dong Institute of Physical Education and Sports,
Could long-term exercise improve the obstacle-crossing ability of elderly women? Effects of Tai Chi and aerobic dance exercises €1000
2015 Eoin Synnott, 
University of Limerick, Ireland

An analysis of the post-activation potentiation effect of the primary gluteal muscles following habitually prescribed activation and conditioning exercises


Kenneth Smale, University of Ottawa, Canada

Neuromuscular control in dynamic knee joint stability after anterior cruciate ligament injury


Zoe Bamber, Loughborough University, UK

An investigation into lower limb anthropometrics and risk of lateral ankle sprain using foot pressure analysis


Joseph Moore, University of Lincoln, UK

Development of biomechanical biomarkers to inform the treatment of anterior cruciate ligament injuries