The International Society of Biomechanics in Sports Constitution


Article 1.0 NAME

The name of the organization shall be the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS), hereinafter referred to as the Society.

Article 2.0 OBJECTIVES

The objectives of the Society shall be:

2.1 To expand the knowledge of sports biomechanics.

2.2 To provide a forum for researchers, teachers, coaches and practitioners in sports biomechanics.

2.3 To encourage and assist in the development of technology that is needed to study biomechanics in sports.

2.4 To hold annually an international symposium and to sponsor workshops, seminars and other meetings whenever and wherever appropriate.

2.5 To gather and disseminate information and materials on the biomechanics of sports to appropriate organizations and individuals.

2.6 To carry out any other activities that will advance and promote biomechanics in sports.

Article 3.0 MEMBERSHIP

Membership in the Society shall be open to individuals, groups, and national and international organizations interested in the application of biomechanics to sports. The classes of membership and their terms of reference shall be as provided in the By-Laws of the Society.


The Society shall be an international, non-profit organization dedicated to carrying out activities to achieve the objectives previously specified. The official language of the Society, including the Annual Symposium will be English.


A Board of Directors and an Executive Council, elected by the Members at large, shall govern the Society. The Secretary-General and the Treasurer shall be appointed by the Board of Directors. The terms of reference for election and the duties to be performed are outlined in the By-Laws of the Society.